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Meet Our Team

Alyson Gerlach

Email: alysong@stjoebay.com

General Manager/Broker

Alyson, a native of Port St. Joe, joined Pristine Properties, LLC in December 2003. After completing a bachelor's degree at Florida State University, she decided to move back to this area because of her love for the beach.

Alyson brings excitement and enthusiasm to our company and will dedicate that energy to all of your real estate needs. Please stop by and talk with Alyson or call her at our office to discuss your plans on purchasing or selling your Home or Property.

Natalie Shoaf

Phone: 850-227-4355
Email: NatalieShoaf@gmail.com


As a REALTOR my mission is to provide you with the best quality service and information possible. I am a native Floridian and have been visiting this area since the 70's. (We farmed out in Howard's Creek when there were only alligators and bugs out there!) My family and I moved to the Forgotten Coast from Atlanta in 2003 and it has been a wonderful and refreshing change. Real Estate is my passion! Let me help you!

What this means to you is&..I understand that communication should always be a circle&you ask me a question or need information, and I get it and get back to you in a timely manner.

What this means to you is&. My background gives me the knowledge of how to get your property shown and featured. I come with experiences in other industries so I dont think like a small town Realtor&I think outside the box, which has worked out very well for many of my clients.

What this means to you is&.That you should be kept In the Know throughout your process. That surprises are not fun in real estate transactions. That situations or problems should be dealt with as they come up...because they do come up! That customer service means just that, service to you& my customer!

What this means to you is&I am very active in this community&Past President of the Realtors Association of Franklin and Gulf, BOD of FCCC America Great Plein Air Paint-out, Charter BOD member of Historic Port Theater, Inc, BOD of Scallop and Music Festival. I keep my ear to the ground to make sure that I know what you want to know&.I believe in sharing my knowledge with you and going the extra mile&.I believe in the good old fashion work ethics.

Take a look at my referral letters. If you would like to talk to any of my past customers please let me know, and I will arrange it for you&.

I look forward to assisting you achieve your real estate dream.....

Joyce Baxley

Email: joyceb@stjoebay.com

A native of Connecticut, Joyce knew the minute she dug her toes into the pristine white sands of our beautiful beaches this would be her home. Joyce relocated to Franklin County in 1969 and finished high school.

After graduating, she was employed for 24 years by St. Joe Paper Co. until the closing of the mill in 1998. She graduated in 2001 Summa Cum Laude with an A.S. Degree in Business from Gulf Coast Community College.

Joyce brings to our team not only an innate love for this area, but 28 years experience in business and accounting. Joyce recently received her Real Estate License and looks forward to meeting with you for all your Real Estate needs.

Justin Gerlach

Email: justing@stjoebay.com

Justin joined Pristine Properties in December 2003. He is a native of this area and after graduating the University of Florida returned to work for our brother company, CQ Developments, LLC in March 2001.

Justin specializes in residential new construction and can help you with your plans to build your new home or investment property from the beginning to the end. Please call or email him to start your with your Real Estate need.